Learning from Lenticulars

Posted on July 20, 2015
Kids love visuals, whether they’re pictures in books or graphics to go with a lesson at school. In addition to being fun, pictures help kids to learn. While the spoken words disappear and can be forgotten, visuals give them time to process and remember.
Such is the idea behind the educational art displayed at Oakland Pediatric Dentistry. Our large, animated lenticulars, or holograms that change to other pictures as a viewer’s perspective changes, are no ordinary visuals. Designed as part of a National Institutes for Health project with the assistance of our very own Dr. Jeremy Horst, our lenticulars give kids a better understanding of cavities and help parents feel more comfortable bringing their kids to the dentist. Our dentists and assistants refer regularly to these beautiful and interactive holograms to teach kids the basics on taking care of their own teeth. With multiple images that progress as one moves back and forth, the lenticular art demonstrates important subjects, such as:
  • how brushing too hard can wear out the teeth’s grooves and cause gum recession
  • how brushing systematically can prevent incomplete brushing patterns and establish better habits
  • the need to clean extra carefully with braces,
  • how a tooth soaking in soda will erode; and
  • the effects of all-day eating.
With the visual aid of lenticulars, the message of oral health will make a much greater impact, leading to healthier habits at home and for life. And, they help make going to the dentist even more fun! Alameda Pediatric Dentistry has been a local business for over 40 years. Read more about our town and the personalized service we provide: Celebrating Our City: Alameda One of the Ten Smartest Cities in America Seen Around Town: Teeth as Art Kid-Friendly Words for the Dentist’s Office