Fluoride Treatment: Your Secret Weapon!

Posted on July 20, 2015
Fluoride is proven to help prevent tooth decay. That’s why fluoride is the active ingredient in the majority of toothpastes. You don’t have to rely on toothbrushing alone, when fluoride treatments help prevent cavities by up to 80 percent!
A fluoride treatment consists of a varnish that’s painted directly onto your child’s teeth. It’s quick and pain-free, yet the protection lasts for several months. Other outstanding benefits of this protective coating include:
  • Safety. Our dentists apply a very small amount of varnish to your child’s teeth, so even babies get the green light for a fluoride treatment.
  • All clear. Fluoride varnishes may be yellow or clear. If your dentist uses the yellow variety, your child’s teeth may appear yellow for a day. Don’t worry! Your child’s teeth will go back to normal once they brush.
  • Convenience. Fluoride varnishes may be safely reapplied up to four times a year or just in time for your child’s six-month check-up. Check in with our office to find out when your child last received a fluoride treatment.
 Did you know? Teething gels are unsafe for babies, and the FDA recently issued a warning against topical pain relievers.